Emergent Vestiges – Simone Aughterlony & Michael Günzburger

A queer and incandescent collection of dust-like particles co-habitat and confederate with companion fluids of different viscosity and other desirable bodies: from dirt to colorful pigments, from lubricant to fixative, from paper to skin. Simone and Michael fashion a temporary printing station within Dirt: an Apparatus that eschews the production of printed objects but rather pays close attention to the qualities of materials, the marks they make and the ways in which this process of intra-action is articulated through intimacies between bodies.

They are curious about how things made dirty retain their allure. The happenstance of dirt transmission as well as the (un)conscious transposition of marks to unlikely spaces that map and score encounters between things. The potentiality and futurity of indelible traces as a response to the so-called ephemerality of performance. Touch and the surplus of touching – the narratives we form through touch, being touched and touching. Embracing the impossibility of avoiding traces when moving in particle covered space and observing the emergent readings that surface through this.

Station visit / Open House: Invitation to observe our digging into these questions, participate in the practice or discuss.


Simone Aughterlony
is an independent artist based in Berlin and Zurich where she works in collaboration with others at the frontiers of dance and performance art. Her practice is committed to qualities that affirm the transformative potential of bodies and all things engaged in choreographic thought. She has a vested interest in the scope of humour and the mystery of desire to feed the political affects of performance.

Michael Günzburger’s work revolves around drawing and craft. From these starting points works are made in dialogue with other artists and academics that go way beyond the boundaries of visual art. In recent years his work has been marked by a deepening preoccupation with the impression or print which he describes as the collision of two bodies. His works are exhibited in the Kunsthaus Zürich and internationally in galleries in New York, Mexico, Paris and elsewhere.

Production: Drugo more

Partners: BAD.co & Dirt: An Apparatus

Supported by: Nacionalna zaklada za razvoj civilnog društva, Zaklada Kultura nova, Ministarstvo kulture Republike Hrvatske, Grad Rijeka – Odjel za kulturu, Primorsko-goranska županija, Goethe-Institut Kroatien

Sponsored by: TOI TOI d.o.o.
Media coverage: H-Alter, Kulturpunkt.hr, Moja Rijeka, Novi list
Technical support: Cyclorama d.o.o.

Program was realized within Balcan Can Contemporary platform.
Program was realized within Kamov Residency Programme.


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