Prije pet godina trojica slovenskih umjetnika promijenila su svoja imena u ime Janez Janša – ime tadašnjeg i sadašnjeg premijera Slovenije. Svoje osobno iskustvo vezano uz pitanja identiteta, identifikacije, imena kao veze između javnog i privatnog su odlučili prikazati u dokumentarnom filmu Moje ime je Janez Janša, koji je trenutno u fazi postprodukcije.

Film u ovom trenutku nailazi na veliki politički otpor u Sloveniji koji ugrožava njegov završetak.

Više pročitajte u nastavku:

Here you can see the trailer of the movie “My Name Is Janez Janša”:

###1. The film is under political attack ### Here in Slovenia there is already some controversy surrounding the movie. Janša soldiers (not our fans, the followers of the politician) are trying by any means to prevent this work from being released. On this purpose they started a defamatory campaign against it, and against my person too. The cover of the last issue of the right-wing magazine Reporter is a good example of it (see the attachment). This kind of campaign is having also a very practical effect. The director of the Film Studios VIBA (our technical partner) is pulling-out of the project…

### 2. We are trying to finish the project ### We are now at the very end of the postproduction, and, in order to be able to release the movie, we have opened a crowdfunding call: We have also launched the official home page of the project:

### 3. Here is how you can help ### It would be very nice if you could help spreading the word about our doc and its crowdfounding among your friends and contacts. On the FB page of the project we will be updating all the information about the ongoing media attacks and of course about the film itself: Thanks again and all the best from Ippsala! Janez PS: this is the “pornographic” scene:


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