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Factories consist of stories made by modes of production. Time alters methods of production and constantly leaves new residues. A factory is the echo of a choreography of movement and material. In its dirt are traces of sounds, workers and sweat, a medium that the factory processes have archived in the form of sounds and echoes. The drones; tones and crashes layered; the scratches and stories.

cobratheater.cobra looks for factory sound narratives. What stories or atmospheres have compacted onto the surfaces over the centuries? Which ones can be listened to? We unfold a documentary fiction: The factory as “mythical place, the actual dream of collective labour and nightmare of alienated life”.

The audience moves through the Hartera as in a walk-in soundtrack. They unlock the space with headphones, follow traces of work and examine an archive beyond the storage medium of paper.


is a network of artists from across Germany as well as being a label. It isn’t about a recognisable artistic stamp, being closed, not about a fixed team, not about consensus – but about plurality, exchange, contradiction and stepping into the unknown. The cobra is structurally open. It is subject to the constantly new and diverse perspectives of theatre and world. The network grows through the principle of infection – and in this way works in ever-changing connections and constellations on an aesthetic and interdisciplinary production of theatre processes and collectives.


Production: Drugo more

Partners: & Dirt: An Apparatus

Supported by: Nacionalna zaklada za razvoj civilnog društva, Zaklada Kultura nova, Ministarstvo kulture Republike Hrvatske, Grad Rijeka – Odjel za kulturu, Primorsko-goranska županija, Goethe-Institut Kroatien

Sponsored by: TOI TOI d.o.o.
Media coverage: H-Alter,, Moja Rijeka, Novi list
Technical support: Cyclorama d.o.o.

Program was realized within Balcan Can Contemporary platform.
Program was realized within Kamov Residency Programme.


Annual Archive

Annual Archive

Annual Archive