CORNERS is an intercultural arts project that Drugo More created and developed together with 5 culture organisations in Europe: Intercult (Sweden), Umeå 2014 – European Capital of Culture (Sweden), City Culture Institute (Gdansk, Poland), Exodos Ljubljana (Slovenia) and POGON (Croatia)

CORNERS R&D – Research & Development

The first phase, CORNERS R&D, consists of four Xpeditions to the outer regions of Europe. Artists and researchers will travel in each region for almost two weeks to encounter culturally/socially/politically active citizens and organisations and learn about their regions.

From this experience they will make proposals for new artistic work to be co-produced and distributed in phase two of CORNERS. These works will be designed to be presented in unconventional, public spaces rather than in theatres or art galleries.

Phase two

In the Second Phase of CORNERS, 2013-2017, the proposals for new works of art will be commissioned by the partners in the project and distributed across Europe. Stories heard on the street corners of one part of Europe will be retold on the street corners of another.

CORNERS R&D is financied by the EU Cultural programme by 50%. The other half is made up of a patchwork of financing from national, regional and local funds of the countries where CORNERS partners are situated and the activities will take place.

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Annual Archive

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