The CORNERS Balkan Xpedition is about to start on 15th of April in Zagreb. Thirty artists and researchers from seven different countries in Europe will travel through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro in search of stories and inspiration for new work. Together, they will cross the invincible mountains meeting locals along their way.

The Balkan Xpedition will confront old and new narratives, legends and stereotypes in a territory that has never allowed itself to be captured within borders, be it historical, geographical, economical, geopolitical, ideological, or regarding religion or language. We will will stop in Jasenovac, Užice, Prizren, Shkoder, Cetinje, Mostar, Dubrovnik and lots of other surprising places throughout the Balkans, and at each station artists and researchers will present their work, perform small actions in public space, organize discussions and roundtables. They will meet engaged citizens and cultural activists, who will guide them to their stories, creations, and introduce them to their way of life and thought.

The Balkan Expedition (15.-29.04.2012) is part of the first phase of CORNERS Research & Development project (2011-2012), which consists of four arts expeditions in the outer regions of Europe.

The North Xpedition in August 2011 explored stories in northern territories of Norway and Sweden, where a vast wild nature and Sami indigenous community transcends the boarders. In October 2011 the Caucasus Xpedition discovered corners of Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, travelling through a diverse post-Sovjet region with autonomous enclaves and break-away republics. In the summer of 2012, Four Corners will venture east, exploring the hidden narratives around the borders of Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania and Kaliningrad Oblast in the East Xpedition (18.-31.08.2012).

CORNERS is a collaboration of six cultural organisations in four countries that are in some way on the edge of Europe: Intercult and Umeå 2014 European Capital of Culture – Sweden, Exodos Ljubljana – Slovenia, Drugo More and Pogon – Croatia, and City Culture Institute, former Gdansk 2016 – Poland.

It aims to make the unheard heard and the invisible visible – and to look back on our continent from its furthest corners. It explores regions far away from the cultural, political and economical centres of Europe, unknown to many. It is designed to encourage inspiration and knowledge for artists to communicate the rich diversity of the wider European cultural space. CORNERS shifts perspectives, putting the periphery centre stage. Stories heard on street corners of one part in Europe are retold on street corners of another.

In the next phase, CORNERS will develop, co-produce and tour a number of new artworks, inspired by stories from the corners of Europe. CORNERS focuses on participatory art, site-related art and art that communicates beyond language. Taking advantage of the territories and their history/genius loci, uncommon arenas like post-industrial or public space, where art meets audience. We want to reconnect to places we have visited, to perform, present and discuss with those who inspired the work.

CORNERS is supported by the European Union Cultural Programme, Swedish Institute, Croatian Ministry of Culture, The City of Zagreb, Slovenian Ministry of Culture, The City of Ljubljana, Arts Council Northern Ireland and more

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