Put Yourself in My Place: Umeå 2014, 4.-13. 04. 2014. 
Opening: 14.04., 19:00, around the CORNERS from the Verkligheten Galley, Skolgatan 91, Umeå.

On April 4th, a new and exciting phase of CORNERS is launching, with the multimedia project Put yourself in my place. After a series of Xpeditions where artists and researchers explored corners of Europe, gathering stories and inspiration for artistic projects, it’s time now to share these stories. To bring them back to places that inspired them. One such story, Put yourself in my place, connects Balkan and North through the brave and challenging “exchange” arranged by Milijana Babić and Ida Hansson.

pyimp_webThe artists developed their own methodologies for understanding how society approaches art. They engaged on a specific continuous performance of swapping lives for a period of three weeks. They chose not to simply imitate one another, but instead adopted new environments: the other’s place. They remained the same people but examined how this new place affected them and their artwork. The life of Milijana thus created the meaning of life for Ida, and vice versa.

The multimedia project will be open until 13th of April. Check it out here.

CORNERS is an intercultural artists’ platform, designed and driven by a partnership of cultural institutions at the edges of Europe. It creates opportunities for artists and researchers to produce multidisciplinary cultural projects. More than 60 artists and researchers meet and collaborate through CORNERS, coordinated by more than 30 organizations and institutions as partners and host and directly affecting hundreds of active citizens/artists and thousands of spontaneous visitors.

CORNERS interconnects artists with diverse backgrounds (geographical, social, political and professional) and from different disciplines (photography, digital, video, sound, dance, theatre, performance, music). They are chosen based on artistic excellence, on their ability to design protocols for engaging people and on their capacity to communicate interculturally.

Put Yourself in My Place authors: Milijana Babić & Ida Hansson
Co-producers: Drugo more (Rijeka, Croatia) & Intercult (Stockholm, Sweden) in collaboration with Umeå 2014


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