When everyday objects go wild

Photo: Tanja Kanazir / Drugo more (Flickr gallery)

Premiered at HDD Gallery in Zagreb in January and February of 2016, Objects of Dangerous Intentions by Damir Prizmić and Nikola Bojić will open at Filodrammatica Gallery on Thursday, April 14 2016, at 19:00 hours. The exhibition discusses practical items, services, systems and technologies with which we interact on a daily basis, and that cause feelings between paranoia and complete confidence. One of the objects included in the exhibition, “USB Killer”, is also a part of the Speculative – Postdesign Practice or a New Utopia? exhibition, which represents Croatia at the 21st Milan Design Triennale.

Objects of Dangerous Intentions will remain on view until April 29, 2016. Admission is free. 

The concept of the exhibition is based on six paradigmatic cases, including examples such as the USB stick, credit cards, gas canisters, face recognition technology, services such as “customer service” or behaviour patterns of the users themselves when encountering machines that “refuse to cooperate”. In addition to texts and documentation on each of the cases, the exhibition includes a variety of interactive objects, photographs, speculative scenarios and prototypes of new objects that resulted from the “objects of dangerous intentions” research.

“Are objects able to have dangerous intentions? Moreover, can they have any intentions since we acquired them with a clear and unambiguous aim to have them in our everyday lives for a specific purpose? It is easy to remember the feeling of frustration towards an object which unexpectedly and constantly refuses to perform its function. Despite their disobedience, these objects usually continue to exist in our living space, thus changing it against our will and consciousness. It is an area on the edge of control, a space of parallel reality in which objects do have dangerous intentions. Dealing with disobedient objects leads us to the center of the complex psychological and political background of the production processes. Starting from personal experiences, the exhibition presents narrative and design interventions on six cases from everyday life which become places of entrance into the depths of the invisible and vibrant world of useful objects.”

Nikola Bojić and Damir Prizmić

Damir Prizmić works as an independent artist-designer in the field of culture. He is also active in the field of education and open culture promotion. He is one of the founders of Radiona, makerspace and association for the development of DIY culture based on connecting art, science and technology. He graduated design at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. Nikola Bojić is a researcher and designer focused on urban space, technology and politics of interactions with objects. He is the author of several exhibitions and public space interventions. Recently he edited a theme issue of Život umjetnosti magazine, published by the Institute for the History of Art, where he is currently employed. He received his MA in museology and art history at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, and design in the public domain at the Faculty of Architecture at Harvard University.  
Nikola Bojic i Damir Prizmic, foto - HDD galerija

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