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Exhibition opening / Photo: Tanja Kanazir (Flickr gallery)

From October 6th – 27th, Filodrammatica Gallery (Korzo 28/1) will be hosting an exhibition by one of the most important and well known visual designers on Croatian civil and independent cultural scene – Dejan Dragosavac Ruta. After Split, Zagreb and Pula earlier this year, the exhibition is finally coming to Rijeka, presenting the production by above-mentioned highly reputable mid-generation designer in the field of magazines, an important part of his design work in the period of the last two decades.
Exhibition will open on Thursday, October 6th at 20:00 h, preceded by a round table on the subject of the magazines for culture in Croatia, starting at 18:00 h. Guest speakers: Marko Kostanić (Bilten, Frakcija), Dejan Kršić (Arkzin), Milan Zagorac (Rival)
Admission is free.


Exhibition brings together Ruta’s works created from the end of 1990s until today and includes his design for publications such as Arkzin, Godine Nove, Nomad, Libra Libera, Gordogan, Frakcija and Up&Underground.

According to Marko Golub, these are all representative examples of highly valued magazines, whether in terms of content or design. A lot of these magazines share the same or similar audience, but each one is perfectly recognizable in its visual sense, conceptually highlighted in relation to all the others, and in Ruta’s interpretation most of them are quite complex.


Dejan Dragosavac Ruta was born in 1971 in Nova Gradiška, Croatia. He attended the Faculty of Graphic Technology in Zagreb. Before opening his own design studio, from 1994 to 2003 he had worked for Arkzin. He designed and edited the layout of a number of magazines, including Arkzin, Nomad, Godine Nove, Libra Libera, Gordogan, Up&underground, Civilno druš and Frakcija. He mainly finds his clients in the field of culture and civil society scene, designing catalogues, books, promotion materials, campaigns, etc.

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