Take a virtual walk through Rijeka

Photo: Tanja Kanazir / Drugo more (Flickr gallery)

DEPT. (Describing the Present Tense) is a participative research project aimed at describing the present conditions of the environments we inhabit. DEPT.’s research protocol is nourished and supported by the active collaboration of local communities, people and associations with which it collaborates.

In the second part of November, DEPT. will be hosted by Drugo more to run a series of activities – workshop and exhibition entitled OUT THERE – aiming at exploring the question “what is the public space of Rijeka asking us to do?”. We invite you to participate in collectively answer to this question and to be part of their open laboratory.

We would like to collect images of Rijeka’s streets and identify in them the messages, inscriptions, signs and objects, that invites us “to do something”, “to perform actions”, “to imagine an elsewhere”. We are looking for people living in Rijeka that are interested in participating in discussing, narrate and recontextualise these images.

The workshop will be held from 15th – 17th November at Filodrammatica Gallery (Korzo 28/1, Rijeka), while the exhibition based on the information and materials collected will open on 20st November.

After the opening, on Wednesday, November 20th at 8 pm, the exhibition will remain on view until 6th Decemberworking days from 5 to 8 pm.

Participation in the workshop and admission to the exhibition is free.



We will start by asking you to provide us with the start and endpoint of a path, a stroll, a promenade that you usually do in the city of Rijeka, we will then retrieve the images from Google Street View and processed them with some image recognition algorithms. In this way, we are going to produce a personalised catalogue of signs and we will use it together do discuss the role these signs have in your ordinary environment.

No prior knowledge or skill is required. We just need a little bit of your time to pause, observe and describe.

If you want to participate feel free to compile the form below:




DEPT. is based on a multiplicity of national and international, artistic and academic experiences, in which the core team has been involved for more than 5 years:    

Donato Ricci (médialab SciencesPo) – researcher

He is working on the hybridization between Design and Digital Social Sciences research methods. He is interested in the “materialization of data” in public and participatory situations to produce localized and situated readings.


Duncan Evennou (Lighthouse Company) – actor, director

He develops works at the fringes of contemporary art, sociology and performance around three major dynamics: creation, research and pedagogy. His shows reflect a willingness to work on the question of the contemporary.  

Calibro – designers

It is a multidisciplinary design studio in the field of digital data experiments and research, which focuses on designing processes and tools to extract, visualize and publish complex data and information.  

Benoît Verjat (g-u-iexcellandoEnsad Nancy) – research designer

He collaborates with scientists, artists, public institutions and local actors on their investigations or research-actions. He pays particular attention to the nature of knowledge and the agency of documents in epistemic processes.


After Rijeka, DEPT. will hold similar activities in Porto, Paris and Strasbourg.

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