Exhibition opening. Photo: Tanja Kanazir / Drugo more (Flickr gallery)

The first exhibition of this year within our Gallery DM program will open on Thursday, January 18, at 7 p.m. at the Filodrammatica Gallery (Korzo 28/1, Rijeka). You can visit the exhibition until February 8, 2024.

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The exhibition Games We Follow, Games We Create brings together a selection of artistic works created from 2011 to the present, in which the author Petra Mrša explores the human inclination towards play and imagination, relying on the potential of games to provide a new experience of reality.

By generating new experiences for participants, herself, or the audience, through asking questions, performativity, taking on roles, or occupying space, Petra Mrša encourages imagining a world in which we want to live and bringing that world to life through play. She also challenges dominant narratives shaping our everyday lives, questioning their intentions, causes, and patterns. By challenging prevailing knowledge, the author operates on the assumption that new experiences allow for a new relationship with the familiar.

Petra Mrša _ Games and stitches – part 1 – LARPPetra Mrša, Games and stitches – part 1 – LARP . Illustrated by: Mia Ventin

The seven superhero costumes from Games and stitches – part 1 – LARP (2021) were conceived by the residents of the Zagreb – Dugave Community Service Center, questioning the costumes and characteristics of female superheroes and creating their own interpretations in collaboration with fashion designer Mia Ventin. The dual-channel video Are you sure you want to leave the game? (2019) emerges from a workshop inviting a group of boys to shift their activities from video games to the physical space, eliciting authentic reactions within a staged structure, with the intention of rearranging the experience from the two worlds. With the work The sensing shoes (2020), Petra Mrša reshapes her own experience of public space by walking through the city in shoes with clay pads that captured the contact between the body and the city. Through self-imposed rules of an uncomfortable game, public space is examined as a place of belonging or alienation.

Petra Mrša _ The Sensing Shoes, foto credit Petra MršaPetra Mrša, The sensing shoes, video excerpt. Courtesy of the artist

Petra Mrša _ Are You Sure You Want To Leave The Game, video stillPetra Mrša, Are you sure you want to leave the game?, video excerpt. Courtesy of the artist

Two documentary films provide a depiction of experiences and interpersonal relationships arising from various types of games or adventures that protagonists devise or follow. The desire (2018) follows an intimate expedition to the island of Jabuka by pedal boat, an adventure that transcends the boundaries of the body, while in Health 90 (2022), a group of gamers exchange their experiences of following an adrenaline-fueled digital narrative. The fact-based work titled Zagreb, 16. 02. 2019. documents the action of a group of girls stemming from a series of games, based on which the girls decided to create banners and display them in Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb.

A photograph of a boy from the series New School (2011) points to the biological need for play and imagination. Shivering throats, breaking the walls (2021) allows the visitor/participant engagement and immersion in a new experience, inviting the activation of their own body through sounds, exploring the possibility of using technology in self-conceived, vulnerable, and intimate activities.

author of the text: Elena Apostolovski


1. Games and stitches – part 1 – LARP , 7 costumes, 2021

2. Are you sure you want to leave the game?, two-channel video, 6′, color and sound, 2019

3. The sensing shoes, 1 pair of shoes par cipela na postamentu, video 1′, 2020

4. Health 90, documenary, 20′, 2022

5. The desire, documentary, 40′, 2018

6. Zagreb, 16. 02. 2019., photo, 20 x 30 cm, 2019

7. New school, photo 20 x 30 cm, 2011

8. Shivering throats, breaking the walls, tickets with QR code and instructions, 2021




Filodrammatica Gallery, Korzo 28/1, Rijeka

18 January – 8 February, 2024

Thursday, 18 January, at 7 p.m.

Monday – Friday 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. | 5 – 8 p.m.
Saturday 5 – 8 p.m.
(closed on Sundays and public holidays; contact us to arrange another time of your visit)


Petra Mrša _ izložba Rijeka _ plakat Oleg Šuran






Petra Mrša’s lens-based media work arises from initiating and facilitating situations that implement rule-based scenarios that takes art context as a site to broaden and challenge the experience of self. Through thought and physical experiments imposed on herself and/or collaborators, her art process opens up the space for creating new realities in which horizontality, radical hospitality, and the acceptance of the unknown shape interpersonal dynamics. Acquired embodied knowledge celebrates vulnerability and imagination while its documentation offers ground to connect to not just other humans but to other-than-human intelligences as well. Petra Mrša holds a master degree in Photography (from Academy of Dramatic Arts), Sociology (from Faculty of Humanities and Social Science), and Psychology (from University Department of Croatian Studies). She was a first generation of the postgraduate art program WHW Akademija initiated by curatorial collective What, How & for Whom/WHW and was nominated for the Radoslav Putar award 2020. She took part in numerous residencies among which are MuseumsQuartier Wien, Cité internationale des arts, CreArt Bluecoat Liverpool’s contemporary arts centre. Her work was exhibited at the OSTRALE Biennale (Dresden, Germany), Museum Kunst+Wissen (Switzerland), FOTODOK (The Netherlands), Galerie L’inlassable (France) among many others. Her artworks are in several collections. She works at the Department for photography at the Academy of Applied Arts in Croatia. (Photo: Igor Brautović)
Petra Mrša, foto Igor Brautović

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