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Bringing together a sound composition and 3D videos following winds on mountain slopes around Rijeka, the multimedia ambient installation Wind Element(s) by artist and field sound recordist Ivo Vičić is set in the Filodrammatica Gallery (Korzo 28/1, Rijeka) from November 25 to December 15, 2021.
You can visit the exhibition from Monday to Saturday from 4 to 8 p.m. (or contact us to arrange another time).


Video report of the opening, Moja Rijeka internet portal

The central part of the installation is the sound composition made of field recordings of structure-borne sound, one that, instead of air, radiates from an adjacent vibrating surface of various objects. Recording various metal objects and structures, such as high-voltage power lines, huge fuel tanks in Pioppi oil port in Rijeka, wind farms and cable cars, the author follows them during strong gusts of wind and other natural elements such as rain, snow and ice. Complementing the sound image with the distinctive noises of these structures, the author also incorporates the sounds of strong electromagnetic fields and the expansion and contraction of materials due to temperature changes, for example at dusk when the metal begins to cool sharply. 

In the words of the author himself, these resonances are actually music: “objects created and placed in the environment by man thus become musical instruments, the storm becomes a musician and conductor, and the composer is nature.”

Arranged in a thirty-minute sound composition, the recordings were collected in the field using structure-borne sound recording techniques and employing contact microphones, stethoscopes and other professional sound recording equipment. Since it most often occurs in extreme weather conditions, such a sound is actually impossible to experience without the help of the aforementioned technology. 

Ivo Vičić - Element (i) vjetra

The installation is complemented by a three-dimensional video of selected locations where the wind is strongest. The author uses the 3D video technique as an upgrade of the soundtrack and a backdrop for a better description of the “sound image”, which helps the visitor to visualize the sound of the wind recorded on a mountain ridge.

Vičić considers selected audio and 3D video media to be perfectly complementary, as they are both three-dimensional in their own way, allowing the visitor to more easily “enjoy” the content and get the impression that he is really on top of a mountain or metal telecommunications tower during a windstorm.

Ivo Vičić - Element (i) vjetra

Simbiozu zvuka i trodimenzionalnog videa na izložbi nadopunjuje i klasični, dvodimenzionalni fotografski i video materijal, koji je nastao za vrijeme snimanja na terenu i koji prikazuje kako je tekao proces prikupljanja građe za predstavljenu ambijentalnu instalaciju. The symbiosis of sound and three-dimensional video in the exhibition is accompanied by classic, two-dimensional photographic and video material, which was created during the field recording sessions, showing the process of collecting material for the presented ambient installation.



Ivo Vičić is engaged in professional sound recording, music production and making sound installations. He is the author of a number of exhibitions, countless soundstages and audio exhibits in galleries, museums, educational centers and various festivals. He also works as a sound engineer for television and radio programs. In his many years of music and radio work, Vičić follows the narrative principle when editing and making sound compositions, believing that it is important to tell a story through an album, composition and music. He collects and designs FX libraries for professional applications, and through renowned distributors his recordings find their way to international television and film productions. The British Library has included in its archive his "Nature album" LP albums and sound compositions of natural landscapes.
Ivo Vičić

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