Exhibition opening, photo: Hrvoje Franjić / Drugo more (Flickr gallery)

French artist Marie Reinert returns to Rijeka to open her exhibition Roll On Roll Off at Filodrammatica Gallery (Korzo 28/1), only a year after taking part in the large group exhibition The Sea is Glowing, organized in the framework of Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture program.
The video installation Roll On Roll Off will open on Thursday, 26 August at 6 p.m., in compliance with current recommendations and measures for protection against coronavirus infection. After the opening, visit the exhibition until 17 September, Monday through Saturday from 4 to 8 p.m. Admission is free.


During her residency at Marfret (a shipping agency), Marie Reinert took part in four crossings between Marseille and Algiers. She captured the rhythmic gestures of fourteen men while restoring the mechanical breathing of the flow of goods passing between the two shores of the Mediterranean. In a narrow perspective, that of the closed universe of a community of sailors, Roll-On Roll-Off explores the constant tension that bodies maintain with goods.

This 24 minute long experimental film reveals the bowels of the ship, examining the full and the emptiness of this naval architecture. Camera plays an important role: attached to the walls of the ship and placed on the engines, it vibrates and breathes in the rhythm of the ship, like one of its cogs.

Marie Reinert - Roll On Roll Off - video still

The artist’s initial intention was not to show a context in its entirety, but rather to work on the idea of fragmentation. On the one hand, there is a fragmentation in the notion of teritory: the shipowner was French, but the ship was under the Luxembourg flag, crossing between the two continents – Europe and Africa – with the crew consisted of Ukrainian sailors.

“A bit like when we trace the manufacturing locations of a product, for example a smartphone: the raw material is in Africa, the assembly in China, the finishing touches in Europe…”

(from an interview with Clémentine Roy)


Photo: Hrvoje Franjić / Drugo more (Flickr gallery)

On the other hand, in maritime transport, human bodies are maximally cramped and must constantly adapt to various constraints, whether it is the sea that surrounds the ship during navigation, cargo that does not leave much free space, or strict police, customs and union rules of movement in port zones and foreign territories.

Getting to know the sailors better, Reinert got another perspective on the force of restraint that the ship has over the body: many of them prefer to isolate themselves in their cabins during their break, even if these are cramped.

Marie Reinert - Roll On Roll Off - video still

Marie Reiniert
ROLL ON ROLL OFF, 2011, 24 min
Coproduction: Marfret, Mécènes du Sud, Frac Paca, MP 2013
Support: CNAP (research grant), Drac Paca


In accordance with the currently valid measures and recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus infection, the number of visitors to the gallery space is limited. Visitors are urged to maintain physical distance and wear protective face masks properly.






As part of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture program, Reinert devised and presented her research and art work I see at the large group exhibition The Sea is Glowing, displayed last year at Exportdrvo, Rijeka. Prior to the exhibition, she came to Rijeka where she conducted interviews about the future with people of different ages, professions, backgrounds, political positions and genders. Audio recordings pressed on vinyl records could be listened as seven individual imaginaries. The interviews were conducted in a language unknown to the artist. The recordings of the interviews – conducted in a language unknown to the artist – pressed on analogue vinyl records, displayed digital artefacts, which were reminiscent of technical bugs the artist encountered during lockdown.

Marie Reinert - I see - instalacija na izložbi "Usijano more" u Exportdrvu, Rijeka 2020, foto Damir ŽižićInstallation view of  I see by Marie Reinert, part of The Sea is Glowing exhibition at Exportdrvo, Rijeka, 2020; photo Damir Žižić

Marie Reinert’s work is a mixture of installation, video and performance. She is interested in gesture, and how the body is inscribed in space. She explores and deconstructs normative behaviours in society, in everyday life, in our movements (Sur tes traces, [On your tracks] 2003), at work (Infiltrations, 2005), in consumer spaces (Premier prix [Bottom price] 2003), and entertainment areas. She infiltrates, observes, searches, digs, inventories. She questions the body movements in its architectural environment, more and more in work contexts, and reveals in that way our relation to functions and systems, to codes and protocols, until rethinking our common use of the tool. She has worked in collaboration with staff of the Archives (video Make, Crossing Values - Biennale de Rennes, 2008) and in a long infiltration on a cargo ship making the journey from Marseilles to Algiers (video Roll On Roll Off, Marseille, 2011). She extends this research in the oil and gas port of Fos sur mer (Dock 2014), and at the Dutch National Bank in Amsterdam (video "Bull & Bear" 2014) Biennale de Lyon, with 11 companies (sound installation : Caesar closed his eyelid, 2019), with 7 different people in the framework of Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture (sound installation Vidim / I see 2020), or inside the informal economy in Kinshasa, (Article 15, 2021).
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