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Discursive part of this year’s Mine, yours, ours festival will take place at Filodrammatica building, and it will consist of series of lectures held by influential european experts – who among all deal with matters of network, media, technology, public space, economy and activism – and a round table.

On Thursday at 18.00h, researcher and curator Tatiana Bazzichelli will give a lecture named “Networked Disruption: Rethinking Opposition in Art, Hacktivism and Business”, in which she will look back on her theoretical work and thereby give an introduction to the opening of exhibition at MMSU (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art), which she curated.

In his lecture “20 Years of ‘The Californian Ideology”, on Friday at 18.00h, Richard Barbrook will talk about the aftermath of the article named “The Californian Ideology” which he wrote in 1995 together with Andy Cameron, and which is now acclaimed as the pioneering critique of dotcom capitalism. Two decades later, he will look back at the historical moment which inspired this article and how its arguments are even more relevant for the 21st century’s network society.

After that, on Friday at 20.00hStephen Wright will hold a lecture named “Interruptive Usership”, in which he will deal with usership as a possible form of disruption whose political potential lies in always new possibilities of disruptive activity inside of the existing order. As users — we, the users of words, tools, drugs, programs — are increasingly seeing our collectively generated value and meanings captured in the framework of so-called “serious games,” interruptive usership may reveal unthought-of political potential: interruption as continuity in the form of a discontinuity — allowing infiltration and new use to be made of existent flux.

On Saturday at 18.00h in his presentation “Leaking Social Change: WikiLeaks, Leak Activism and Media Transformation”, Arne Hintz will talk about the phenomenon of leak platforms in the context of media change, the growing role of data, and the emergence of networked publics.

On the round table scheduled for 20.00h and moderated by Željko Blaće, by which we will conclude our manifestation, participants, guests and audience will discuss about political implications of network.

Interview with Davor Mišković and Tatiana Bazzichelli (Moja Rijeka)

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