Mine, yours, ours 2015

Foto: Magdalena Rikanović / Drugo more (Flickr gallery)

Don’t miss another Transponder Party in Youth cultural centre Palach, on Friday, 16 February 2018!
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Live performances:

Notein – a humble progressive explorer of electronic music from Rijeka who has been composing for almost ten years and has published quite a number of tracks on several different albums for Transponder records. His work is on the trail of top performers on the electronic music scene such as Autechre and similar artists.
He has performed live several times under the aegis of Transponder and is part of the Transponder Crew.

BLCNY – electro duo from Rijeka consisting of Nevio Rugaš and Bernard Blašković. Two friends who collaborated in the electro pop band Senzorz. Nevio – former drummer in Quasarr and one of the founders of Rijeka’s techno / electro / IDM label Transponder records – and Bernard – DJ, composer, arranger, producer and guitarist in various Rijeka pop / punk / rock bands – brought together their synthesizers and drum machines, and started performing electronic music live. Made in Rijeka.

SITO I REŠETO – duo that was created in 2010 in Volosko, from their shared love of various genres of music and shared interests in synthesizers and drum machines. Although physically separated, they are finding ways to create music and experiment with sound, style, and different genres. All resulting in an eclectic mixture of styles of electronic music. For the first time this year they have the opportunity to perform live and present their past years’ collaboration.

AREXX – long-time DJ, producer and sound alchemist, with a lot of musical experience in the world of electronic music, multimedia and more.
From the very beginning he participate in the work of the Transponder Label.


DJ Samo Tako (Detroit, Electro, Acid)

“He has been engaged in music production for year or two, he plays various percussions and likes to fiddle with hardware. Some of his work is already out in digital form on one of Rijeka’s labels. The music he prefers depends on the situation and mood, and his taste ranges from reggae, dub, dub techno to electro and Detroit techno. In his spare time he turns tables, and does it very well! He is quite modest, so check his work out on his soundcloud profile.”


Transponder (from 2006.>)

Transponder records is a music label for promotion of electronic music, fusions and research originating in contemporary electronic music. We know and cherish the history of electronic music, musical variations and trends, and we promote music that has its place in space and time. The goal of Transponder Records is to give musicians and producers of electronic music (not only Rijeka based) a place – through a shared music profile – for presentation of their work, allowing them to keep their own sound and music recognisability. We want to create a nucleus of quality local electronic music that can present Rijeka as an essential point on the music scene.


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