Remote.lab is a media platform for collaborative curation, research, hybrid knowledge production. Developed around the idea of visual constellations, remote interface functions as an unlimited surface for rendering and sharing interconnected and context-rich digital contents. Anything can become a node in constellation – PDF, img, txt, link, video…and can be shared, cloned, and reconnected in new, unpredictable ways. Remote.lab grows with each new node, aiming to become a robust shared space for transdisciplinary research and advanced artistic practices.

Partners & collaborators:

Kontejner (Ana Bedenko, Ena Hodžić)
Greta Creative Network (David Lušičić; Mihael Giba)
Drugo more (Davor Mišković, Magdalena Fišter, Leonida Cris Manojlovski)
WHW (WHW i Lara Reichmann)
Radiona (Layla Munitić, Deborah Hustić)
Domino (Zvonimir Dobrović i Ivan Jamić)
ALU (Nikola Bojić, Ivan Skvrce, Ivana Tkalčić)

Remote.lab team:

Konceptualni dizajn, coding, dizajn sučelja: Nikola Bojić, Mihael Giba, Damir Prizmić
Management i koordinacija: David Lušičić; Ivana Tkalčić, Ivan Skvrce


Project was initiated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and supported by the Kultura Nova Foundation in 2022.



Remote lab

Annual Archive

Annual Archive

Annual Archive