From 13 till 15 of March 2014 the Baltic See Cultural Centre in Gdansk Poland hosted international and local cultural managers interested in developing engagement strategies on waterfronts.


The Seminar in Gdańsk was partially open to the public including presentations, debates and workshops. One of the topics was the case of Young City Gdańsk, which is being developed in post-shipyard area. We discussed the role of cultural events on waterfronts and their impact on the development of the new district as well as the possibility of implementing there participatory planning facilitated by artists.


Chris Torch (Intercult, Sweden): “Arts interventions are being practised all over Europe, often in connection to rivers, harbours and parks. We need to understand how they work, what makes people feel vitalized and engaged. The moment of a cultural experience is most often strengthened by the element of surprise, accessibility and in a context. Our conventional cultural consumption is exclusive and predictable. Re-vitalizing public space and public time is essential to a sense of participation.”



Organiser:  River//Cities Platform Foundation

Co-organiser: The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdańsk

Rivers of Opportunities Learning Partnership is supported by the Grundtvig Programme of the European Commission

rivercitiesVisit River Cities for more info about the project. The River//Cities Platform is a partnership between cultural, environmental and political initiatives which work in their cities to interact with and develop their rivers or waterfronts as cultural spaces.

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