On 24-28 June 2015, the SPÖ Wiener Bildung hosted the partners of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership ‘Rivers of Opportunities’ in Vienna, Austria, at the meeting devoted to audience development in the context of big riverfront festivals. The meeting was organised simultaneously to the Danube Island Festival (Donauinselfest 2015).

Donauinselfest is a 25-year-old annual, open-air, free music festival on the Donauinsel (Danube Island), and is the biggest and the most popular open-air festival in Europe. It is organized with the support of 150 workers and 1000 honorary workers and in most years it has taken place in June.

Festbühne by Andreas Jakwerth

The Danube Island is a multipurpose project on the Danube, with the ostensible purpose of the regulation of the Danube in the city area of Vienna. The Danube Island was artificially created between 1972 – 1987. One of its purpose is a flood control for Vienna. The other purpose is to exist as a leisure paradise for the Viennese people. The Danube Island has evolved over time into a popular recreational area. Locals can spend here their leisure time, bike or get together for a barbecue in a designated areas.

The Donauinselfest is Europe’s biggest open air event, soon expected to reach the 3 million visitors mark. Some 1500 volunteer assistants and visible police resence help make the Donauinselfest one of the most secure events on this scale.

There are about 21 areas (called ‘islands’) that are normally sponsored by radio stations, newspapers and other companies. These are spread out over a 6.5 kilometre area of the total of 21 milometer island. Musicians of an extremely broad range of genres perform.



Wednesday 24. June
17:00 – Welcome of the Participants on the Danube Island

Thursday 25. June 
Morning – Visit of the Festival “Behind the Scene” tour with Thomas Waldner and his Team
Internal work session
Afternoon – Open Seminar: “Nuture Nature on the Danube Island Festival” at Wiener Bildungszentrum,

Friday 26. June
Morning – Tour “From National Park Lobau to the largest European Festival with free entrance”
Afternoon – Visit to the Festival

Saturday 27. June
Morning and afternoon – Internal work session
Evening – Free time on the Festival

Sunday 28. June
Free time on the Festival



Rivers of Opportunities Learning Partnership is supported by the Grundtvig Programme of the European Commission

rivercitiesVisit River Cities for more info about the project. The River//Cities Platform is a partnership between cultural, environmental and political initiatives which work in their cities to interact with and develop their rivers or waterfronts as cultural spaces.