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In the framework of the exhibition The Sea is Glowing, Paris-based research and art collective RYBN.ORG is preparing a very interesting workshop, taking visitors on a special city tour: equipped with audio guides, they will pay a visit to the local addresses of Rijeka-based owners of offshore companies, mentioned in the notorious Panama Papers. Offshore shell corporations enable their owners to cover up their business dealings, no matter how shady (fraud, tax evasion, evading international sanctions). In the ICIJ Offshore Leaks database also addresses of Rijeka-based owners of offshore companies can be found.
The workshop will be held on Friday, August 21, 2020, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The participants will meet at Delta Lab, on the second floor of the former IVEX building (Delta 5, Rijeka).

The workshop will be in English and is intended for a maximum of 15 participants. Like tourists with headphones in their ears and a camera in their hands, te participants will walk around the city in search of exotic addresses mentioned among 11.5 million documents of 2.6 terabytes of data in one of the biggest tax scandals of the 21st century.

Participation is free with mandatory registration. Applications for the workshop should be sent by e-mail to In the application, state your name, surname and mobile phone number.


The Offshore Tour Operator is a psycho-geographic GPS prototype that guides the walk of the user through the database of the Panama Papers, in search of the physical traces of the offshore banking within the city landscape.

The dérive will bring the participants in the various neighborhoods of the city of Rijeka, in a hunt for shell companies, trust firms, domiciliation agencies and shadow finance offices and agents that are referenced in the Offshore Leaks, Panama Papers and Bahamas Leaks data­ bases. The GPS guides the user through audio indications.

Participants are invited to document their walk, observe the letterboxes and intercom systems to check if the name of the offshore entity, revealed by the leaks, is still there, and take notes on the path taken to it, to later discuss the experiences and share collected images.

The workshop is an open invitation to discuss the reliability of databases and the collective construction of information.
Participants are invited to bring a camera or a smartphone, a compass if they have one, and a pair of headphones.
Language: English
Registration: e-mail to info@drugo-more.hrThe number of seats is limited to 15


Visit RYBN’s webpage and check out the former workshops, from Valletta via Luxembourg to Utrecht!



Founded in 1999 as a collective, RYBN.ORG develops extra-disciplinary investigations, that explore the complex relationships between technologies and economics. RYBN.ORG investigates highly complexsociopolitical and technical phenomena, such as high-frequency trading,subsecond market infrastructures, cybernetic eschatology, offshorefinance discrete networks, the resurgence of the human computer indigital labor, the extent of industrial property to the living, etc.

Each new investigation adds a landmark and clears the opaque territoriesof contemporary techno-capitalism. RYBN.ORG artworks are operative and performative systems, usually shown outside the white cubes of contemporary art, evolving in environments where they can wave effects and create feedback loops, such as financial markets, micro-working platforms, communication and social networks, computer viruses.

The works of RYBN.ORG have been shown in numerous contemporary artexhibitions such as Infosphäre (ZKM), Nervöse System (HKW), the GlobalContemporary (ZKM), 2062 (la Gaîté lyrique), Stock Overflow (iMAL), ElProcesso Como Paradigma (LABoral), Gutes Böses Geld (KunsthalleBaden-Baden), Requiem for a Bank (HMKV), Media Mediums (Ygrec), StockOverflow (iMAL), l’espace Virtuel du Jeu de Paume, CNAP; and numerousmedia artfestivals, such as ISEA, Transmediale/CTM, Pixelache, Malaupixel, NEMO, Elektra, Cellsbutton, Ars Electronica.



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