You are invited to take part in “How to be a good art consumer” workshop, which will start at 5 PM on Friday, October 9, at Filodrammatica (Korzo 28, first floor).

In 2014, two Slovenian artists, Nina Jan and Urša Sekirnik, opened a fully functional performance webshop (a­-la­ in which they invited potential art consumers to view their artistic offer (prepared as short performance chapters), drag the preferred performance chapters on a timeline and order a live version of their show wherever its buyers wanted.a la cart slika 2

Their À la Cart Performance Webshop project was of course an experiment trying to see what happens when performance art practice is applied to a webshop platform. But Jan and Sekirnik had other aspirations as well. They aimed for their art practice to become more adaptable for the art market, and however unimaginable this might sound, they learned that a performance webshop would do so through a simple process of customization, while at the same time allow them a higher artistic integrity and autonomy. Their second big goal was to create a direct dialogue with their art consumer, to involve him/her into their artistic practice by giving him/her a chance to influence the final outcome of their work and thus establish a mutual creative enrichment.

You can read more about the À la Cart Performance Webshop here


The “How to be a good art consumer”workshop is an expansion of the À la Cart Performance Webshop project, focusing primarily on the concept of the consumer.

How are these expectations then met and implemented by the artist?

— What does it mean to be an art consumer?
— What responsibilities could an art consumer carry?
Can an art consumer affect art in a positive way?
— What expectations does the art consumer impose on an artist?
— How are these expectations then met and implemented by the artist?

Through an interactive workshop Jan and Sekirnik are using their performance webshop to address the above mentioned questions and set them into a wider frame, into the reality of contemporary artistic production, testing the expectations and responsibilities of both sides: the artists and the art consumers.

The workshop is organized as part of the visit of Slovenian multidisciplinary artistic collective KUD NUM from Škofja Loka, that will also present their À la Cart Performance Webshop project in Rijeka by setting up an exhibition, as well as by putting on a show based on the top rated Chapters chosen by the voters on Drugo more’s Facebook page.

À la Cart Performance Webshop: Drugo more Edition” show will take place at 8 PM on Saturday, October 10, in the theatre hall of Filodrammatica building. After the show, at 9 PM,  exhibition will be opened at the gallery.

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Part 1 – presentation 
(duration: 1,5 h)
One-hour lecture on À la Cart Performance Webshop project.
15-20 minutes of questions & answers.

Part 2 – understanding the position of the art consumer
(duration: 1 – 1,5 h)
After debate on art consumerism, responsibilities and expectations, a debate on relevant topics art could or should address will follow. There will also be a conversation about the concept that an art consumer could prepose socially relevant topics to be addressed by the artists.
Workshop participants will then have an opportunity to fill out the À la Cart Performance Webshop Custom Made Chapter form, where users can suggest the structure, topic and other “custom made” Chapter elements. The intention is to establish and check the relevant themes art could address according to the view of the art consumers.

Part 3 – artist vs. consumer: reality check 
(duration: 1 hour)
Participants will present their orders, after which there will be a conversation about their expectations, about interpretations and expectations of the artists, and about financial and other limitations of artistic realities.

Total time: approximately 4 hours


If you wish to take part in the workshop, please send an e-mail to


Program is realized as part of Masters & Servers, a joint project by Aksioma (SI), Drugo more (HR), AND (UK), Link Art Centre (IT) i d-i-n/The Influencers (ES).

Program is realized as part of Refleks program.

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