Željko Bašković 1:10 000, New Media Installation
Galerija Drugo more / Art Gallery / Korzo 28 Rijeka Croatia

28 November – 13 December 2014
Exhibition opening: FRI, 28 November 2014 at 8 pm

Drugo more is pleased to present 1:10 000, an exhibition by Željko Bašković, our local video artist. You are welcome to join us on Friday, November 28 at 8 pm for the exhibition opening and to meet the artist.


1:10 000 is a new media installation that thematizes the Mediterranean – its color and fragrance, its archipelagos as well as industrial spaces and abandoned factories. The slides and frames exhibited here are an outlet for the artist, a response to raw reality with soothing emotions.

It includes collages, photography and drawings that are projected as slides and thus – animated. Ten different moments in time are captured that contrast the energy of industrial spaces with the city energy that is disturbed. The art process is always experimental, and the nature of artworks here, ephemeral, as frames and slides disappear and reappear.

Slide projector is used in the exhibition, as well as video projectors, a graphoscope, and LCD monitors that will display selected areas from the city plan map.

Željko Bašković is a video and new media artist from Rijeka, Croatia. Ever since he was a kid, he enjoyed drawing, planning and disassembling and reassembling items. He worked as video and light technician at more than 500 music gigs, theatre shows, festivals, public gatherings and so on. He also collaborated on exhibitions with different musicians. He is a member of  an audio-video band MLAT from Rijeka, and a joined member of JMZM.

Organized by: Drugo more
Supported by: National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Foundation Kultura nova, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Rijeka – Department for Culture

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