The ZOOM Festival is Drugo Mores annual international festival of experimental contemporary performing arts. This year, we give a peek into the performing arts scene from Germany and Austria, which we regard the most vibrant and influential these days.

Thursday 06.09.

20h Ligna “The New Man”, Germany (Hartera, Ružićeva bb)
Four exercises in Utopian Movements – A radio piece without spectators where the whole audience is turned into participants.
Language: English


Friday 07.09.

20h Jeton Neziraj “Yue Madeleine Yue”, Kosovo (HKD na Sušaku, Strossmayerova 1)
A tale about a Roma family forced to return to Kosovo and a little girl in a koma.
Language: various, Croatian subtitles


Saturday 08.09.
10h and  18h VRUM “Baja Buf”, Croatia (HKD na Sušaku IV. floor, Strossmayerova 1)
A performance aimed at babies between 12 and 20 months

11h Tala “Three pigs in box” Croatia (HKD na Sušaku, Strossmayerova 1)
The performance is interactive and aimed at children aged 3 to 6 years.
Language: Croatian


Sunday 09.09.

20h Doris Uhlich “More Than Enough”, Austria (HKD na Sušaku, Strossmayerova 1)
Who is beautiful and who isn’t?
Language: English


Monday 10.09.

18h Book presentation Julian Beck: “The Life of the Theatre” (in Croatian translation) by Zoran Senta, editor, Daf publishing house
And discussion “Situationists meet the Living Theatre”, Molekula, Delta 5/1

The discussion “Situationists meet the Living Theatre” establishes new lines of communication between Situationist theory of the 1960s presented by Guy Debord and the Living Theatre as presented by Julian Beck.
Language: Croatian

20h D.B.Indoš and Tanja Vrvilo “Kriegspiel”, Croatia (HKD na Sušaku, Strossmayerova 1)
What we perform is a representation of war: „Ludimus effigiem belli“.
Language: Croatian


Tuesday 11.09.

20h United Sorry “Lost in Space”, Austria (HKD na Sušaku, Strossmayerova 1)
United sorry needed a break from the world as it manifests itself in present-day politics and got lost along the way.
Language: English


Wednesday 12.09.

20h Janez Janša, “Who is next”, Slovenia (HKD na Sušaku, Strossmayerova 1)
The performance opens questions of responsibility of an individual in contemporary society of recession, shock, precariousness, uncertainty and indifference.
Language: English


An extensive workshop program accompanies the performances.

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