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Zoom Festival 2021 - foto Tanja KanazirYoung Perspectives, photo: Tanja Kanazir / Drugo more

The time has come for another Zoom Performing Arts Festival. The program selectors of this year’s twelfth edition of the festival are Sendi Bakotić and Vanda Velagić from Kolektiv Igralke.
The program will take place from 17 to 23 October at Filodrammatica, HNK Ivana pl. Zajc and Exportdrvo, within the collaborative European project Create to Connect -> Create to Impact (CtC ->CtI).


“After everything we have been through and are still experiencing, we deserve new perspectives. And who can give them better than young authors?

In this extremely difficult period for everyone, including culture and art, we have decided to support some of the most vulnerable – young artists, their processes, empowerment strategies and prospects for survival.

Through a conceptual multimedia performance, young local authors led by Rina Barbarić will explore the roles of women in a time of pandemic and friendship as a refuge in times of insecurity and vulnerability. Employing a drag form, the versatile performer Nataša Živković will, starting from the anthropological research of female narratives from the Balkans, question their lives in the male world. The young, but already internationally acclaimed duo Aleksandar Georgiev and Darío Barreto Damas will deconstruct the heritage of popular culture in which we grew up, demanding in a poetic, physical exploration of meaning, the right to queer reality. That reality can be real, even if we don’t see it, will be shown by Slovenian documentary theater director Žiga Divjak, who is coming back to Rijeka with his shocking project, revealing the fate of migrants on our borders. In the accompanying online installation, Jaka Železnikar will offer dystopian google maps of the future that will make us wonder about our (capitalist) present. Emphasizing the topic of activist self-immolation of young people, Bulgarian artist Aleksandar Manuiloff will provoke a situation which will make us wonder what kind of state and society we could create, if only we worked together. Documentary theater, theater without an actor, a multimedia event and other innovative performative practices will once again estrange our (theatrical) everyday life so that we can look at it, and the theater, from a new perspective.

When we reach the end of reason by looking at the society that surrounds us, we are left alone, next to each other. The performances that these authors lead us to create audience encounters in listening, solidarity, questioning responsibility, but also in enjoying the game and the presence of others who are both distant and close to us. Maybe here, in the theater, we can find the beginning of togetherness.”

festival selectors
Sendi Bakotić and Vanda Velagić (Kolektiv Igralke)


Tickets for performances at Filodrammatica and HNK Ivan pl. Zajc will be sold at a price of 30 kuna, and can be purchased at the box office at the venue an hour before the start of each performance (attendance at the performance Pinky Swear at Exportdrvo is free)

NEW: performance Sonny by Slovenian artist Nataša Živković has been canceled; instead, on Thursday, October 21st, the program will include the play Grannies, a documentary performance by Kolektiv Igralke and Tjaša Črnigoj
→ Entry to all programs except Pinky Swear and Grannies is only possible upon presentation of an EU digital COVID certificate.




Sunday, 17 / 10 / 2021

The Game

r. Žiga Divjak (SLO)
Slovensko mladinsko gledališče & Maska, Ljubljana

@ HNK Ivana pl. Zajca, 19:00

admission fee: 30,00 HRK | COVID certificate required

Photo: Tanja Kanazir / Drugo more (Flickr gallery)

People who have walked across half of the world to escape wars, persecution, violence and crushing poverty, call the last stretch of their route, the stretch that takes them from Bosnia and Herzegovina to a safe destination in the European Union, the game.

The game has no rules, laws don’t apply, the powers of the police is limitless, the violence increasingly brutal, the dangers increasingly more dangerous, the possibilities smaller and smaller, and the destination further and further… Many try several times, even twenty or thirty times; it’s a numbers game.

For many, the game is fatal. Available records show that around twenty people have thus far lost their lives on our borders.

The Game, a devised theatre project, will study the role and responsibility of Slovenia and its border policy for lives and fates of the people on the run.

The Game is a multiple winner of the most important Slovenian theatre award, at the festival Borštnikovo srečanje, for the best play, direction, dramaturgy, scenography, music and acting.

Directed by: Žiga Divjak

Cast: Primož Bezjak, Sara Dirnbek, Maruša Oblak, Matej Puc, Vito Weis

On the recording: Hamza Aziz, Zaher Amini, Khalid Ali, Behnaz Aliesfahanipour

Research assistant: Maja Ava Žiberna

Assistant director: Ana Lorger, Nika Prusnik Kardum

Dramaturgical collaborator: Katarina Morano

Set design: Igor Vasiljev

Music, sound and video design: Blaž Gracar

Speech advisor: Mateja Dermelj

Translation of the recording: Barbara Skubic

Lightning design and stage manager: Igor Remeta

Production and stage manager: Tina Dobnik


Co-production: Mladinsko theatre and Maska, Ljubljana


The text of the performance is based on testimonies from the Border Violence Monitoring Network database.




Monday, 18 / 10 / 2021


The State

Alexander Manuiloff (BG)

@ Filodrammatica, 19:00

admission fee: 30,00 HRK | COVID certificate required

Photo: Tanja Kanazir / Drugo more (Flickr gallery)

The State tells the story of a Bulgarian man Plamen Goranov who burnt himself in a protest against the system.

The State is a concept for theatre without actors and without a director. It explores the topics of how we build societies, how democracies function, whether there are agents-desctructors and what it takes to cooperate with others within a certain group.

Find out more about Plamen Goranov in a short documentary Plamen (directed and produced by dress code)

This conceptual performance has traveled the world and festivals on four continents and is the winner of the 2015 Stueckemarkt award given by the Berlin Theatertreffen.

“Exceptionally thoughtful”

– Washington Post




Wednesday, 20 / 10 / 2021


Aleksandar Georgiev (MK/BG) and Darío Barreto Damas (ES)

@ Filodrammatica, 19:00

admission fee: 30,00 HRK | COVID certificate required

Photo: Tanja Kanazir / Drugo more (Flickr gallery)

Moonlight is a choreographic project focused on poetic structures, a staged  exploration of dispersed meanings, a malleable reality. This proposal  rediscovers persistently established identities, unfolding and queering  normativity. Moonlight functions as a quick machinery of change and  disruption. Moonlight plays with Disney heritage, dislocating its known  dispositions and understandings.

Moonlight is
a moon and its light.

Centrifugal disruption,
a punk symphony of the recognizable,
magickly maneuver.

Moonlight is a dreaming filter,
bodies at risk.

The queering room, an intuitive architecture,
Aurora, Snow White and Prince Erik are part of it.

Choreography and performance: Aleksandar Georgiev and Darío Bardam

Dramaturgy: Nina Gojić

Sound Design: Emilian Gatsov – Elbi

Printed visuals: Nemanja Trajković

Trailer: Gjorgji Despodov

Photography: Sasho N. Alushevski


Co-produced by: Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture within the frame of the project “What is choreography?”, curated by Biljana  Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski; and Garage – collective platform for independent  artists within the frame of the project “Dissemination of Performances of  Garage Collective 2015-2017”.

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, Municipality of  Centar City of Skopje, Konstnärsnämnden – Swedish Art Grants Committee  (International Exchange Grant), Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.




Thursday, 21 / 10 / 2021

*** NEW: the scheduled performance “Sonny” by Slovenian artist Nataša Živković has been canceled; instead, the program will include the play “Grannies”, a documentary performance by Kolektiv Igralke and Tjaša Črnigoj.



Kolektiv Igralke (HR) &Tjaša Črnigoj (SLO)

@ Filodrammatica, 20:00

admission fee: 30,00 HRK | COVID certificate not required, in compliance with measures to protect against coronavirus infection

Photo: Tanja Kanazir / Drugo more (Flickr gallery)

Igralke Collective is a group of four friends and actresses, graduates of Acting and Media Studies programme in Rijeka, Croatia. The documentary performance Grannies performed is created in collaboration with Slovenian devised theatre director Tjaša Črnigoj, who is specifically interested in women’s stories.

The authors of the performance focus on the lives of four retired women who live below the poverty line and collect bottles to survive. Their poverty became their job. In order to survive, they closely follow the events in the city to which they never really belong – they always arrive when the party is over, to collect the bottles and cash them for 50 lipas. In Croatia, a law has been in force since 2005 that states that citizens are entitled to compensation for returning empty beverage packaging to the store.

The audience follows their lives on the fringes of society, learning about their life stories, which the authors intertwine with personal stories of their grandmothers and other elderly women in their lives… Due to class and gender differences in society, retired women are among the groups most vulnerable to poverty. Can we imagine what poverty means for the retirees? How does it look like? How does it change their lives, their identity and the meaning of life? And how does it relate to us?

Performance is in Croatian.

Co-production: Kolektiv Igralke (Reka), Savez udruga Molekula (Reka), KUD Transformator

Authors: Sendi Bakotić, Ana Marija Brđanović, Tjaša Črnigoj, Anja Sabol, Vanda Velagić

Director and dramaturg: Tjaša Črnigoj

Researchers and performers: Sendi Bakotić, Ana Marija Brđanović, Anja Sabol, Vanda Velagić

Social anthropologist: Vanda Velagić

Personal stories by: Albina, Ljudmila, Marta, Suzana

Set design: Paola Lugarić

Costume design: Tanja Blašković

Music selection: autors and Sun Matt

Technical direction: Matijas Kozić

Sound design: Sebastijan Tomažin

Visuals design: Oleg Morović





Friday, 22 / 10 / 2021
Saturday, 23 / 10 / 2021

Pinky Swear

Rina Barbarić
in collaboration with Koviljka Ljuština, Sara Salamon, Kristina Paunovski, Andreja Brozović, Anamaria Cvitković & Nika Čuić (HR)
installation + dance performance

@ Exportdrvo, performances at 19:00 20:00

free admission | COVID certificate not required
– in addition to dance performance at 8 p.m., on Saturday, October 23, the installation is open for visit from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Photo: Tanja Kanazir / Drugo more (Flickr gallery)

Pinky Swear acts as a performance and an installation in progress. It speaks of female friendship in an age of precarious occasions and reduced working conditions. The form is shaped according to shapes and materials such as metal, glass and plasticine. Metal represents determination and stability, glass honesty and sharpness, and plasticine represents playfulness and flexibility in the relationship. The materials are placed in space in relation to each other, looking for the right ratio in the artistic composition in relation to the performers and the body. The installation is created by sharp objects, women’s bodies, stretchy pieces of clothing through which the area of what is important and untouchable – but also painful – to a woman is created. The research process of emerging work includes conversation; textual exchange of personal stories; production of objects; video, light and sound inside and outside the fabric; performing with various media; improvisational images and dramaturgy of performance.

Concept and installation: Rina Barbarić

Audio-visual materials and light: Sara Salamon

Performance and stage design: Andreja Brozović Adžić-Kapitanović, Kristina Paunovski, Koviljka Ljuština

Choreography: Kristina Paunovski

Costume design: Nika Čuić

3D animations: Anamaria Cvitković

Thanks: K2K


The project is realized in the framework of Create to Connect -> Create to Impact (CtC -> CtI) project




during the festival


Private Property — Access Forbidden

Jaka Železnikar (SLO)


Photo: Tanja Kanazir / Drugo more (Flickr gallery)

In 2026 all natural resources were privatised, including air and water. Also, all infrastructure was privatised. All was privatised, common resources were abandoned. Capitalism prevailed fully. Private Property — Access Forbidden displays Google Map where you can click any place to discover if you can access it or not, when access might be granted and how much the access costs.

A map of your future travels made to contemplate on commons today.

You can find the map here

Co-production: Bunker – Old Power Station, Ljubljana

The project is realized in the framework of Create to Connect -> Create to Impact (CtC -> CtI) project


Jaka Železnikar is a creative programmer, since the 1990s involved in net art and e-literature. Exhibits and publishes internationally.


Zoom festival 2020


Festival concept: Davor Mišković

Program selectors: Sendi Bakotić and Vanda Velagić

Production: Petra Corva, Ivana Katić, Dubravko Matanić and Daria Morosin

Technical setup: Cyclorama d.o.o.

Graphic design: Ana Tomić & Marino Krstačić-Furić

Photographer: Tanja Kanazir



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