Mine Yours Ours 2015Photo: Magdalena Rikanović / Drugo more 

This year’s Mine, yours, ours festival, organized by Drugo more (The Other Sea), will be held in Rijeka from April 23 to April 25 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday).




The theme of this edition of Mine, Yours, ours festival is network. Network is a term for structure of lines and pathways that represent the key form of our contemporary life. Metaphors often reflect our notion of the world; in the 20th century common metaphors where that of mechanical and organic and today the dominant metaphor is network. The metaphors we use depend on our general notion of the world, and it seems today we see our world primarily through information or information flow. This change of metaphor is partly due to our optimistic view of possible changes in our social reality – a departure from hierarchy towards a more egalitarian society. However there seems to be nothing liberating from changing old metaphors with a new one, since the social reality is formed by new structures with their own forms of control. It is obvious that decentralization or crowd ideology do not present a value per se but a mechanism that is equally susceptible to war, advertising, terrorism, activism, subordination and force. The societies are not more egalitarian but are divided, as are religious visions of gods and mortals, or rulers and servers. Though what characterizes networks is the fact you cannot pinpoint to a particular centre of power, for power is anonymous and inhumane. The network brought back a system that is above human notions of power and control, a system that paralyzes human endeavours for social change. Yet it seems difficult to intimidate people with non-human beings and systems and therefore new movements arise that manifest their resistance within the network and create new battlefields of political struggle. Although we are dealing with asymmetrical warfare, e.g. guerrilla warfare, where on one side we have whistleblowers, hackers and activists, and on the other side a powerful army of corporations and governments, the war is not over yet for the optimism of the subordinated is still alive.
This year’s program brings bits and pieces that will enrich the new metaphor that reflects our world today. With these bits and pieces we can build new hubs of knowledge and action that will inform, inspire and enable further action.

Davor Mišković



Thursday, 23 April

18.00 – Tatiana Bazzichelli, Networked Disruption, presentation
Filodrammatica, Korzo 28/1, Rijeka

20.00Networked Disruption, exhibition opening
Museum of modern and contemporary art, Dolac 1, Rijeka

21.00Transponder Party
OKC Palach, Kružna 8, Rijeka

Friday, 24 April

18.00 – Richard Barbrook, The Californian Ideology – twenty years after, lecture
Filodrammatica, Korzo 28/1, Rijeka

20.00 – Stephen Wright, Interruptive Usership, lecture
Filodrammatica, Korzo 28/1, Rijeka

Saturday, 25 April

18.00 – Arne Hintz – WikiLeaks, Leak Activism and Media Transformation, lecture
Filodrammatica, Korzo 28/1, Rijeka

20.00 – Political implications of networks, round table
Filodrammatica, Korzo 28/1, Rijeka



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