Make your own Bitcoin Miner!

Bitcoin of Things (BoT) is a workshop for everyone who wants to address issues related to media art, digital culture, critical economy, electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The workshop will take place at Filodrammatica (Korzo 28/1, Rijeka), on Friday, 20th September, starting at 5 pm, and will last for around 2 hours. It will be led by César Escudero Andaluz and Martín Nadal, Linz-based Spanish artists whose Critical Triggers exhibition will open a day earlier at Filodrammatica Gallery.

No prior experience is needed, and the participation is free of charge. The workshop is limited for eight participants.
You can apply by sending an e-mail at (please write your name and phone number).


The theoretical introduction acquaints participants to concepts that help them to contextualise and better understand the Bitcoin and Blockchain world.

The practical part consists in working with a basic electronic circuit, soldering and microcontrollers to build a playful bitcoin miner out of ordinary objects such as hammers, staplers or salt-shakers. Participants will build their own BitCoin of Things (BoT) miner, combining a Wi-Fi microcontroller and different sensors.



César Escudero Andaluz is an artist and researcher focused on Human-Computer Interaction, interface criticism, digital culture and its social and political effects. His work spans image-making, sculpture, videogame, installation, networked culture, IoT, robotics, media archaeology. Since 2011, he is a researcher at the Kunstuniversität Linz in the Interface Culture LAB. His artworks have been shown at international electronic-art events, museums, galleries and conferences including the Ars Electronica Center (AT), ZKM (DE), ISMAR2015 (JP), WRO2015 (PL), Transnumeriques (FR), (ES), KIKK (BE), Rome Media Art Festival (IT) and ADAF (GR).

20_aksioma_Critical Triggers_IMG_1081s Photo: Janez Janša / Aksioma (Flickr)

Martín Nadal is an artist/developer based in Linz and studying Interface Cultures at the Kunstuniversität Linz. In recent years, he has collaborated in a variety of projects dealing with cryptocurrencies, blockchain, IoT, etc., and taught several art- and technology-related workshops. His works have been shown at Visualizar 11, Medialab Prado in Madrid, the Ars Electronica festival and the Art Meets Radical Openness Festival in Linz, Settimana della Scienza in Genoa and at the  IAMAS – Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Ogaki-shi.

10_aksioma_Critical Triggers_IMG_1148s Photo: Janez Janša / Aksioma (Flickr)

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